Marketing & Lettings

Marketing & Leasing

To get a prospective tenant(s), property marketing is one of the best ways to represent your asset on multiple platforms. By doing so, you will be able to show all the features of your assets in advance and ensure easy and immediate leasing, which reduce your vacancy cycle.

To get higher return and profit you should hire professional property managers who can assist the owners in marketing of their property to get the positive outlook of their property to attract numerous prospective tenants.  We use number of ways to market your property such as.

  • Professional photo shoot
  • Professional video
  • Luxury Mailers
  • Social Media Platform (Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc)
  • Brochure and Website

 We also provide leasing services for residential leasing which includes management of lease renewal and expiration, guidance for legal formalities as preparing lease deed, registration of lease and other paper work. Our extensive approach includes:

  • Understanding of client's requirement
  • Organizing primary site visit of 10 - 14 properties
  • Selection of particular property
  • Obtain detailed proposal from property owner
  • Organize meeting of tenant and owner
  • Lease negotiations
  • Approval of tenant upon the terms and conditions specified by owner
  • Drafting of final agreement
  • Acceptance and signing of agreement by both the parties