Land and Property Ownership Search

We at CPMS have a complete array of offerings related to search, retrieval, analysis, and review of all type of legal documents and public records related to any type of real estate asset – Agricultural, residential, and commercial.

NRIs and citizens alike generally face a nightmarish situation and many impediments in their quest to ascertain the latest ownership of a particular property in India. They face many legal issues regarding ‘Ownership Search’ as they do not have complete control or knowledge about their properties in India, which is further exacerbated by the fact that most of these records do not have any easy and convenient online retrieval system but are mired in arcane and manual record keeping systems.

Our ‘Ownership Search’ services provides an exhaustive and in-depth search of public records to determine and confirm a property’s legal ownership. Irrespective of a property having been bought or inherited, it is imperative for NRIs to have complete knowledge and control on the details about their properties located in India and the latest certified records of such properties proving unequivocally the latest ownership pattern of the said property. This is to ensure that their properties are secure and there is no element of uncertainty with regards to the ownership of these properties. Having updated title documents in their possession, physical status of the property, status of the person in possession and the capacity in which the property is being occupied also needs to be known. In addition to that the commercial value of the property is a key piece of information desired by NRIs

The salient features of our services are:
• We obtain certified copies of the latest title records from the concerned authorities to verify and validate the ownership status of that particular property.
• Our team of specialists help in physical verification of the property by visiting the property and finding the on-ground status on the current occupant of the property.
• Photographs of the property are included as part of the comprehensive report we provide to our clients.
• Translation of documents, which are mostly in vernacular languages, for clear understanding of the documents is also undertaken by the legal professionals.
• If any illegal transfer or an invalid sale has been committed, the client is updated about the same and given legal advice to take timely action.