Rent Collection & Deposit

We feel the difficulty of landlords, when it comes to collection of rent from tenants. Therefore, at CPMS landlords are receiving the rent on completion of monthly cycle. Because now our team collect monthly rent on their behalf and deposit it into their bank account on the very same day. At CPMS we undertake:

• Rent monitoring.
• Rental cheque collection.
• Keep scanned copy of cheque for future reference.
• After depositing the cheque in to landlord’s bank account, we send scanned copy of deposit slip to the landlord.
• We also pay the property tax on behalf of landlords, if requested.
• We send lease renewal reminder to landlord and tenant.
• Rent issues – Advance rent, escalation in rent, TDS deductions etc.
• Periodic checks of the property to resolve any issue faced by tenant.
• Handover or possession from existing lease.

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