I was introduced to Col. Brar nearly 4 Years ago, I was searching for a residential accommodation back then, He came out to be a straight talker, He knew what he wanted and seeked the answers he was looking for. My wife & I finalised the property within minutes, as it was clean, smelled nice and was well kept, it has been 4 Years hence and we have not faced any issues with the property. Team CPMS has a quick response time to any issues or concerns raised, whenever.

Capt. Aditya Dutt – Merchant Navy, Mohali

“My Asset needs to be secure, more then anything else, with Col. Brar, I am sure, It always will be, He means business and would not rent out my property without proper tenant verification and due diligence, this settles all my fears, Money is secondary, security is of utmost importance for me”

Col. Rajesh Choudhary, India

Great peace of mind for landlords… As a first time landlord ( since I stay in dubai) and also novel to this property management concept, I was a little apprehensive about leaving my house in someone else’s hands. After my first meeting with Col. Brar, I instantly trusted his idea and his team which is completely backed with honesty and professionalism. I feel completely at ease now without having to worry about renting and managing my property. I am deeply thankful to CPMS and it’s team for managing my property in my absence . Great support system for both landlords and tenants. Strongly recommended…. Looking forward to continue to work with Mr. Brar and it’s team.

Reema Talwar, Dubai, UAE

I have been associated with CPMS and Col. Brar for the past 8 months and am very happy with their services. More important than just managing my house and tenants for me, its the peace of mind that Mr. Brar provides with his professionalism and sense of responsibility while managing the same. I will recommend the team for anyone looking to manage their property.

Harmeet Singh Mehta (Gurugram, India)

I have a 3BHK flat in Zirakpur, I got in touch with Col. Brar (CPMS) through their website, He is curious, prompt and lightening fast with his response, He is a master of his trade, a thorough professional, before I knew, my flat was furnished with the bare minimum, my electricity connection was restored and my flat rented out, all this was done in under 15 days, Now that’s what I call Service, My flat painted, accessoried and rented out, without my physical presence in India! Kudos team CPMS, you have earned yourself a happy client.

Manish Juneja, Brussels

Agra Being in the Army is Serving the Motherland 24×7, Being posted in Field Areas or Stations away from home adds on to the challenge of maintaining one’s home or managing tenants, My property is under that care and control of Col. Brar of CPMS since the past 4 Years. I am glad I got his reference from a common friend. Col. Brar and his team have been doing a wonderful job at maintaining our residential unit in DLF HYDE PARK, New Chandigarh. They ensured I suffered Zero Rental Loss even during lockdown! A Commendable Job! Kudos to CPMS!

Col. G. S. Shergill – Indian Army

I have a flat in Homeland Heights, immediately after possession, I engaged CPMS for my Property Management. Col. Brar has been instrumental in getting us continuous rental income, all are utilities are being paid on time and my rent hits my account before the promised date every month. I Recommend Team CPMS!

Vipul Choudhary, Hague, Netherlands

I have a 3BHK flat in Mohali, Initially I took Col. Brar’s help in doing up the interiors of my flat, where his team did a marvelous job for the buck. I had to head back to the United States for I was in India on a tight schedule. I did my paperwork formalities with CPMS and left. Under 30 days my flat was rented out and its been 3 years plus, I am getting my Rent on time, all utilities paid on time and zero rental loss. Mr. Brar is like family to us. I like his crisp straight forward nature!

Ashish Aggarwal, Washington DC, USA

We have property management companies in the UK. I always wanted someone smart, intelligent and strong on integrity to manage my properties in Chandigarh, since I live in London. My search ended when I met Col. Brar the founder and CEO of CPMS. Since then its been 5 years and their is no looking back. Their services are par excellence.

Dr. D.S. Phull, London (UK)

CPMS is managing my properties in Chandigarh and Mohali since 2012. My meeting with Col. Brar was by chance but now we are like family. All my assets are well taken care off, my rentals are timely, they also take care of my property taxes for me. Mr. Brar you are doing a good job bro.

Sunny Saggu, New Jersey, USA

I was looking for a Company who could take care of my flat in Zirakpur and look after the leasing aspect for me in my absence, Since being in the Army I have professional commitments to take care off. CPMS is the best partner I found, they are sound on commitment and integrity. They keep me well informed as take care of my rental aspects as their own. Col. Brar is firm on his commitments and my rentals are dot on time.

Maj Vaibhav Rana

I have retired as a Scientist from Hyderabad, Since we have our house in Mohali, we moved to Mohali after retirement, My son who lives in the United States, recommended Col. Brar (CPMS) to us. Since we had no market knowledge and we did try our hand at finding tenants, there was no headway, Ulimately after much deliberation we did hire CPMS for their services, since then there is no looking back. Mr. Brar is soft spoken, friendly and knows his business well. We enjoy our retired lives where as his team looks after our rentals and our property.

Piara Singh

I have my triple storey house in Sector 22, Chandigarh, finding good tenants was a constant challenge, I was faced with regularly, Col. Brar of CMPS was referred by my friend, We engaged their services, I am exteremly satisfied with the client’s they got, they seem less service & transparency they offer, I recommend CPMS for tenant management, unlike most property dealers, they only work for the landlords.

Mr. Neeraj Bhalla, Transporter, Chandigarh

I live and work in Singapore, My parent’s are in Karnal, I have a Flat in DLF Valley, Amravati, Panchkula. I am glad I found CPMS online, I touched base with Col. Brar, It took me time to understand their model, but I am lucky to have engaged them as my property managers, I read their agreements, being a lawyer my self, I instantly knew, I was in good hands, Their client base is good, they keep to their commitments, what I like the most is that they take care of all tenant related issues on my behalf, in my absence.

Mr. Shailyamanyu Singh, P&G, Singapore

I live in Bangalore, with my flat in Mohali. Finding tenants was a persistant hassle. CPMS offered me their assured rental plan, I am glad I accepted, as its nearly been 2 years that I have not missed my rent for a single month, their payments are timely and their services are prompt. I recommend CPMS!

K.S. Randhawa

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