Real Estate, Taxation and Legal Services

Our services deliver a comprehensive array of deliverables that give our clients a one stop solution for all facets of a real estate transaction

• Identification of buyers (if required by the client)
• Complete documentation of the properties
• Negotiation with the seller/buyer/third parties
• Drafting of sale and purchase agreement
• Registration of the sale deed with the revenue authorities
• Advice on repatriation of funds and taxation issues
• Banking support
• Complete documentation for repatriation of funds

Our team of high-end professionals includes in-house qualified Chartered Accountants, who can structure and handle all tax implications for our clients, they ensure full compliance for our clients to all relevant laws and statutes of the Government of India that are applicable for NRIs. This team of astute professionals also assists our clients with repatriation of funds to their country of residence. Some of the salient features with regards to taxation and repatriation related to buying and selling of property in India are:

Services of Chartered accountants: Consultation, Clearances and appropriate certifications by Chartered Accountant certifying that the amount proposed to be remitted is eligible for remittance and that applicable taxes have been paid / provided for.
Banking Support: Reserve Bank of India has laid out strict rules and guidelines for banks in India for remitting the funds in foreign account. We provide complete co-ordination with the banks for opening of the required accounts, preparing the documents, and fulfilling the requirements till the process gets completed.
• Calculation of taxes and assistance in paying the same and ancillary work for completion of the procedure.

The real estate market is both tricky and unpredictable. In the light of the unpredictability and vast gamut of options available, it becomes tough for NRIs to put their money in ventures because they are too far away to be able to judge the credibility of projects where investment is possible. CPMS offers key assistance and expertise in buying and selling property to individuals, corporates, real estate developers etc. The company has competence in handling the plethora of real estate property matters with a sound awareness of the most competitive costs and fees involved in a transaction. Our experts make a constant endeavor to come up with practical, constructive, and ingenious solutions for all buying and selling of property related issues.